OK, banning people based on where they come from is just pure discrimination. banning candidates from China & Russia based on the current scare is not justified by claiming to be worried about security.

You cannot discriminate against individuals like this, while trying to claim you're a progressive organization.

Disappointing, but there's Gitea, Gogs... There's no need to prop up a project like GitLab. Now people are starting to resign from the company,

Now this is all coming right after GitLab planned to widely track every user move on their platform.

In my mind, the project's compromised.

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The irony of GitLab claiming this is out of worry for user-data, right after a widely unpopular attempt to hoard user data is apparently lost on them.

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@MatejLach I am happy to have a selfhosted Gitea for my projects haha!

I'm certain I saw a whole bunch of Fediverse folk moving from Github to Gitlab a while back. I wonder if they are still feeling comfy.

I guess we should differentiate Gitlab the software, and Gitlab Inc. the company. That said I don't recall coming across any communities recently who are self-hosting the software. Though admittedly I haven't been making notes.

@MatejLach as a Russian — I'm very much not happy about this, but their reasoning makes sense. Indeed the government would likely request info about the users from GitLab & their employees (this happened to at least VK in the past). That being said I don't think e.g. U.S. government would be different, so their excuse for excluding Russia & China specifically is kinda weak.

@bugaevc Right, I get that concern if it was applied uniformly, but as someone living in the EU, am much more worried about the reach NSA has.

Australia has an explicit law on the books around this kind of thing, yet was not excluded, nor was Saudi Arabia who just had spies busted working for Twitter and actually accessing personal data of KSA's critics, which seems like a prime candidate for the list.

Right now, it seems like a list not made in a honest effort to safeguard users...

@MatejLach GitLab received CIA funding :D I stay as far away from them as possible
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