Yes, the doesn't have have modern hardware, yes, it's expensive for now & yes, Purism has made missteps along the way, but I am still eagerly waiting for mine, because it's been 12 years since the original iPhone and I'd say that's enough of a head start for proprietary software. Once there's real hardware to target, free software will catch up quickly & that will make hardware OEMs consider it, springing up more compelling hardware, eventually, but for now we can't be very HW picky.

It already means that GTK4 will be ready for phones, which is huge, I don't necessarily see Samsung jumping on this anytime soon, but a Raspberry Pi 5 sold as an official phone kit w/ case, modem, screen all included similar to their desktop kits, getting into schools, on TV and into magazines, offering compelling performance at an affordable price...maybe even jumping in with super polished hardware now that they're locked out of the ecosystem?

The future looks interesting...

@MatejLach my thoughts exactly. We have to support things we believe in, with our dollars

@tootbrute @MatejLach even if the company making this stuff is responsible for a bigots heaven online? Purism is run by fascists folks, open ur eyes.

@mthld @tootbrute

Sent from your Android/iPhone?

I care about having a phone I can do whatever I want with, because in the end this will empower more people to escape the big brother. Librem's Mastodon instance can be blocked at the click of a button, having real hardware we can build fee software upon is more challenging. However if Librem5 takes off, I don't think they will be the only choice for long, which is what I ultimately want.

@MatejLach The hardware is still modern, they are not selling obsolete hardware.

It’s just a bit less fancy than big flagship phone from established phone makers but still powerfull enough for nearly every use case.

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