People are understandably upset about removing the option to not sign in into their cloud if you' happen to install while connected to the internet, but sadly and somewhat predictably, I see a lot of commenters making excuses for why they still cannot switch to , non working WiFI, audio - things not valid for a decade - instead people seem to be looking at .

that increasingly relies on services, lets contractors listen in on Siri conversations etc.

@MatejLach It's still possible to work around this. Install without an internet connection, or insert a few invalid phone numbers when trying to register by phone, and you'll get an option to use an offline account.

Nonetheless, it's an absolutely centralizing move by Microsoft that makes them no different than Apple in this case.

@MatejLach It appears that it is still possible to create an offline account, MS has just renamed it to "Domain join instead" - #darkpatterns #uselinux


people want things that just work and are scared as hell by Linux

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