Translating Chef's spin 

So Chef's CEO has published a blog post regarding the current controversy re their U.S. Gov contracts & honestly it's among the worst attempts at a positive spin I've ever seen,

"For some portion of the community, and some portion of our company, this is a super, super-charged lightning rod..." [but not him?]

"I think our challenge as leadership right now is how do we collectively navigate through times like this" [so that we don't face backslash?]


Translating Chef's spin 

"It’s not about the $100,000, it’s about decisions we’ve made to engage the government." [because future contracts would be worth far more?]

"that’s the decision that we made as a leadership team" [so shut up about it, worker bees?]

"I certainly don’t want to be viewed as I’m taking a strong stand in support of ICE" [He'd rather just support them without being noticed?]

Regardless of what one things about the actual issue, this is a terrible writing style for a CEO.

Translating Chef's spin 

Am reminded of the recent Apple piece attacking Project Zero for exposing iOS flaws.

Might've been a better idea not to say anything if THIS is what they're going to come out with.

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