The reactions to systemd-homed have predictably been, "soon there's going to be a word processor in ", without these people realizing that:

1.) systemd is NOT a single binary, it's a project, an ecosystem of utilities. That's like saying to GNU; Why is there wget? I want GNU to compile stuff with GCC, why is GNU nano a thing?

Of course the goal of the GNU Project is to produce everything needed to have a libre OS - the goal of systemd is to produce everything needed to manage this OS.

@MatejLach I think it has become a bit of a joke between the systemd devs to cram everything in the same monorepo, just to spite the haters. I saw no reason why this homed thing can't be it's own project making use of libsystemd.


@mariusor Agree it could have been in a separate repo, but practically saving maybe less than 5MB of disk space is really not a high priority concern for me.

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