I have to say, the fact that , (founded by the original creators of *The* ), has switched to a / Elastic style license, where you cannot offer a commercial managed version of it from the source code, (thus making it no longer free software, nor open source, but rather merely 'source available'), is pretty disappointing.

I get that are pieces of shit that will steam roll over anyone, without paying a dime for the SW they built AWS on, but this is not the way.


That's essentially punishing everybody for the actions of one player, a practice no one, including the founders would not accept as fair, nor just, if applied within the legal system.

They're also essentially helping cement AWS's position, because any potential newcomers in the cloud space would need gigantic resources to license software Amazon never had to license.

Note also that Cockroach is built on other technologies that are themselves free software, (, ...).

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