If you want to see why neoliberal centist are useless, look no further than this voting breakdown for

@MatejLach I heard about the content filter, but link tax, like people have to pay taxes on hyperlinks or something?

@Codeawayhaley Essentially. Basically news orgs were complaining that aggregators like Google News etc. were displaying paragraphs from their news articles directly, without forcing the reader to go via the news website & see the ads, thus robbing them of revenue, (mind you, these are usually very shorts snippets, nowhere near entire articles).

@Codeawayhaley @MatejLach

Article 11 is more easy to digest than Article 13. Also known as the 'Link Tax', it targets news aggregators such as Google and Apple who each have news services which curate the most important news stories of the day, using AI-driven algorithms. It essentially attempts to help news outlets generate more money for the content they produce.


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Rather than isolated to traditional outlets, news is now plastered all over Facebook walls, Twitter feeds and even Instagram accounts. However, it's often the case that users glance at headlines and brief story descriptions to get the jist of a news bulletin, and then move on. With Article 11, companies would be able to charge a tax on Facebook for those missed clicks.


@Codeawayhaley @MatejLach

Supposedly protecting the rights of news sites and journalists, Article 11 will force aggregators to pay the news site for every time it lists an article outside of its domain. So, Google will have to pay IT Pro for every link of ours that it lists in its search engine - Google has weighed in on how this will affect the internet and businesses.


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