Here's a remainder no 85,234,567 as to why you shouldn't base your business around a product that depends on:

a.) Distribution via a proprietary app store where your livelihood depends on the mercy of /

b.) Build your business around consuming 3rd party APIs (and maybe presenting them differently), thus being susceptible to the whims of all the parties you depend on. Encroach on their territory with a better product and THEY WILL shut you down.

@MatejLach This is one of the main reasons I'm supporting webapps whenever possible.
Though even with webapps on iOS, you are at Apple's mercy, they have complete control over their single allowed browser engine as well.
For example, in the latest version of Safari Apple decided to suddenly disable device orientation and motion APIs used especially for WebVR/AR which were available for years. There are established companies depending on those APIs.

@ondra Yeah, apparently they made some progress on PWAs with the latest iOS release, but it's clear as day that doesn't want an escape hatch out of its AppStore and is willing to stagnate Safari in order to do it, because it knows it has enough marketshare for devs to just submit to its whims.

The restriction on not allowing alternative rendering engines also means that is super crippled compared to its Android version, further disincentivizing users to switch from Safari.

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