in open-source so far:

- Calls its Windows to Linux translation layer "Windows Subsystem for Linux", as if it was doing something for we should be thankful for. In reality, it is literally a Linux subsystem for to enhance its own product.

- Ships its flagship open-source project, VSCode, with telemetry enabled.

- Ships .NET Core with telemetry enabled.

- Doesn't accept community contributions to the recently open-sourced WPF/Winforms.

No changes expected in 2019.

@MatejLach MS is now an advertising and data company, like google or facebook.

Software is just a means to an end.

@MatejLach fwiw, they can't call it "Linux Subsystem for Windows" due to trademark rules (can't lead with another's trademark.)

But yeah, the VS/.Net/etc stuff is a big old Trojan horse for telemetry. Should be illegal.

> trademark rules (can't lead with another's trademark.)

TIL, another day, amother stupid trademark rule I guess. Still, they could have used an acronym or something like that, like WINE does.
Is WSL itself a trademark? Huh, that's really going overboard I think.

It rubs me the wrong way, it sounds like "Oh, thanks to Microsoft, Linux now has this very important Windows subsystem". Just makes it sound like they're enhancing Linux with some Windows tech, when it's the exact opposite.

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