So I've tried installing elementaryOS on a friend's SP3 and it failed at the grub-mkconfig step, re-tried multiple times, seems there's no way around it.

Went with and of course, no such problem.

Previously had a CentOS package upgrade break docker-compose multiple-times. And that's a so called "enterprise-grade" distro.

I maybe an oddball, but distros like Arch are much more stable and hassle free for me than are the so called stable ones like CentOS or Ubuntu.

@MatejLach I've had a similar experience, but did you also use grub on Arch? Because I've had awful experiences with that, so switching to something else would have helped on other distros as well.

@hirnbrot Nah, I use systemd-boot on Arch. eOS GUI installer offers only grub as an option and if I can't use the GUI installer to speed thing up, might as well go with Arch, which I prefer anyway.

@MatejLach systemd-boot is great if you set it up right. I used Pop-OS as an example of how to get it right.

@luke_nukem Yeah, that's what I use on Arch and it works great, (another reason to like btw), however elementary basically doesn't give you that option during regular install, which sort of defeats the whole, "easy setup, works out of the box" thing eOS has going for it.

I specifically went with eOS instead of Arch here, because I didn't want to spend time installing Arch. In the end, it ended up being the easiest option.



I've never tried Arch. What draws you to it besides this?

@profoundlynerdy @MatejLach No bloat. You only install what you need and nothing else. Packages are as close to upstream as possible. It's bleeding edge but stable & contrary to popular belief, updates rarely break anything.


Adding to that, rolling-release basically means set it and forget it, no reinstalls, pacman is much, much faster than apt, the AUR gives you everything that's not in the official repos and won't 404 on you like PPAs often do & PKGBUILDs are easy to work with.

Plus there's the Wiki, which of course you don't need to run Arch for to enjoy, but it's more useful if you do.


@MatejLach @rgggn

I think I'm going to spin Arch up in a VM in the next few weeks and get to know it.


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