embraced for no other reasons than does it now, they just did it much earlier.

With the recent acquisition of by MS and with the impending sale of , we're again shown how quickly old, irrelevant players can utilize the cash earned by years of anti-competitive practices to erase any illusion you may have had of being able to escape them.

This is what happens when you're a (public) company in this system, the infinite demand for growth by ever hungrier investors.

It makes you vulnerable to get eaten by the old, who have slowly realized that the race they've became so good at winning is no longer the relevant one.

Companies like were great not because they managed to out-ran MS/IBM etc.,(and became as corrupt in the process), but because they never even played that dirty game at all, instead circumventing MS entirely.

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If we want to keep projects such as , , and others in our hands, its time to step up our Patreon/#Librepay game massively and to divest control of these to entities like the project, who are set up from the get go to avoid being taken over by corporate interests.

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@MatejLach I love the sentiment but running Patreon and other sites at that scale is not cheap.

@MatejLach as crappy as it is, they can keep systemd if they want

#gnome and especially #systemd are two things I can definitely live without.

Being a publicly traded company is neither here nor there.

@61 It certainly does make a hostile takeover, or having a vision that the leadeship doesn't agree with, forced upon you.

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