As per MS employee on HN, if you want to disable telemetry, you're "conspiracy minded". Nice.

@MatejLach HN is full of nerds who think they're Ayn Rand heroes, that corporations can do no wrong, and that capitalism will fix everything because they weren't kicked around enough in high school.

@starbreaker @MatejLach Celebrating bullying sure is woke these days. Isn't it amazing how times change?

@USBloveDog @starbreaker I took it more as a "economic/social situation" kind of remark. Nonetheless, the rest of the comment is on point.

@MatejLach @starbreaker It really is. HN is full of people who worship the wise decision-making of the corporations. They at least could have some intellectual honesty over there and admit most good stuff gets discovered by accident or was going to be discovered by someone in the near future, rather than because of the insight of a specific lone genius.

@USBloveDog @MatejLach Let's not bullshit ourselves or each other here. Most techies are white and come from middle-class or better households. The only experience with adversity they're likely to have as children is bullying.

@starbreaker @USBloveDog The thing is, I don't know that buying makes people more empathetic. Most people who are bullied in school want power to bully others as adults.

I am slightly conspiracy minded. Of I used windows, I would do that

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