pulls a and offers us an opt-out in the next release of , (opt-in should be required under ), of signing us to automatically. It doesn't change the default behaviour and most people won't notice the opt-out is there, which Google knows.

Don't forget, this small change was not made when they first received feedback that it's undesirable, in fact they were all over birdsite, trying to defend it.

Don't make the mistake of trusting them ever again.

@MatejLach I never used Chrome outside of testing. I hated the fact that they dumped money into Mozilla for years and then came out with a closed source browser back when Chrome was first released. (the original Chromium engine a weird Gecko/Webkit hybrid).

I realize Chromium was OSS and had been using Vivaldi for a bit, but recently I went back to Firefox.

I feel like Firefox is in the same boat it was with IE; way down in the underdogs. Let's hope Mozilla stops making questionable decisions.

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