Apple can delete purchased movies from your library without telling you

I guess the privacy respecting only goes so far, he? Not that Stallman would be surprised.

@MatejLach Apple, Google and Amazon stores are basically store fronts. So, all digital "buying" from them is just long-term renting, isn't it?

Amazon pulled back ebooks from customers' Kindle devices earlier because they found that the seller doesn't have the rights to sell the book.

Once people start realizing this, #DRMfree digital purchases will be more popular.

@njoseph Yeah, but even some of the DRM-free ebook publishers out there still have "social DRM" attached.

@MatejLach Hearing of "social DRM" for the first time. If it's some kind of unobtrusive digital watermarking system, I don't see much trouble with it. It will be easier to track who originally uploaded a particular file to a file-sharing network. Might be the lesser evil as compared to the measures to stop people from copying in the first place like #DRM.

@njoseph That's exactly what it is. It's waay better than regular DRM. It just still isn't as free as a physical book in that sense, but definitely miles ahead of DRM regular.

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