I guess the got a bit too much praise for the , so they had to take a dump to remind us just how neoliberal they truly are.

@MatejLach neoliberal? They obv used this as an excuse to limit the alternative media and their influence. They're authoritarian to the core.

@igeljaeger It has nothing to do with authoritanianism. It's just old copyright cartels lobbying to potect their old-school business models instead of innovating. It's an entirely pro powerful business decision. No, it's not pro small businesses, but the people claiming to be for free markets never really are, just for powerful players.

This is not a decision driven by some principles, rather by lack of thereof.

@igeljaeger The EU is mostly made of people of the same ilk as Clinton, Obama etc. neoliberal centrism that protects powerful business interests.

@MatejLach not from my perspective. Anyways, let's just agree that they need to fuck off.
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