Linux now represents 100 percent of the supercomputer market, 90 percent of the cloud, 82 percent of the smartphone market and 62 percent of the embedded systems market.

@slh And most of those users don't care about free software. Pay $50k a year for Oracle per seat? No problem. Pay $100/year to , no way!

Still cool.

@MatejLach @slh the problem, I think, is that companies don’t get any marginal return on spending the $100. If I don’t pay big O the $50k, I don’t get to use their software. If I don’t spend the $100, I still get to use Postgres. Having said that, I wonder what percentage in that report actually DO pay, for things like Red Hat, and so on...


@jerry @slh Yeah, I think providing priority support to corporate users is the way many projects that have found a sustainable model do it nowdays. I would be interested to know whether that translates to more end-user focused projects, like desktop environments as well.

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