@streetvalkyrie@mastodon.social @MarkWarner @DickButt4Prez If it's tens/hundreds of accounts, there's no other way to deal with it without losing your sanity.

Also, the post states that they were nasty to dot social mods. That's not fair, these are volunteers donating their time and energy.

@MatejLach @streetvalkyrie @MarkWarner @DickButt4Prez I think the heart of the issue is that a bofa mod had taken the position on behalf of that instance that harassment was condoned. There is no other remedy but to act as if harassment will continue to be condoned by that instance.

@Fellixe @MatejLach @streetvalkyrie @MarkWarner @DickButt4Prez not all harassment is equal. Heck, not all “harassment” is harassment. It’s not harassment if you’re getting yelled at because you’re a racist or transphobe or because you are supporting them.

@FatherMcGruder @MatejLach @streetvalkyrie @MarkWarner @DickButt4Prez And some behaviors, even directed at those who appear to deserve it, are still harassment. There's a difference between engaging in a constructive interaction and just being an ass, even if you're an ass with purpose

@Fellixe @MatejLach @streetvalkyrie @MarkWarner @DickButt4Prez it's difficult for me to piece together what is going on and a generic term like harassment isn’t helping. Bad people claim harassment all the time. Does @Gargron have a good definition for what his instance considers harassment somewhere?

@FatherMcGruder @MatejLach @streetvalkyrie @MarkWarner @DickButt4Prez @Gargron He may. But in this case the mod themself appeared to identify the behavior as harassment and then said it was okay for reasons

@Fellixe @MatejLach @streetvalkyrie @MarkWarner @DickButt4Prez @Gargron Is this what you are referring to?: bofa.lol/users/selfagency/stat

It's a better explanation than what we've gotten from .social and it sounds like the BofA admin did the right thing.

@FatherMcGruder @MatejLach @streetvalkyrie @MarkWarner @DickButt4Prez @Gargron That is it and I disagree. It was not a good call. If that's the behavior they want on their instance they can have it, but I think it would be advisable for other instances to protect themselves from that kind of sanctioned harassment.

@Gargron @Fellixe @FatherMcGruder @MatejLach @streetvalkyrie @MarkWarner @DickButt4Prez That's because she tried to take a bullet for the dumbass who decided to mute someone for "a few days" because they made a harmless joke directed at a celebrity and then didn't communicate, and it's pretty shitty of you to throw her out there again instead of taking blame yourself, since much of the hate was also directed at you, she just kept trying to do damage control.

@Estrusflask @Gargron @Fellixe @FatherMcGruder @streetvalkyrie@mastodon.social @MarkWarner @DickButt4Prez It's not up to you to decide what is a "harmless joke". The person targeted complained of harassment and the instance has clear policies against that.

Instead of blaming Eugen, why don't you just admit that what you really want is different rules for the people you like. That is they can harass, since you like them, these are "harmless jokes". Now if somebody sent a "harmless joke" their way - harassment!

@MatejLach @Gargron @Fellixe @FatherMcGruder @streetvalkyrie @MarkWarner @DickButt4Prez I've actually been pretty clear about wanting that.
The person in question was a shithead. I have no problem with C-list internet celebrities being chased off platforms, especially when they've previously hurt people with poor management of their personal status.

This happened because of Wheaton's history of behavior.


@Estrusflask @Gargron @Fellixe @FatherMcGruder @streetvalkyrie@mastodon.social @MarkWarner @DickButt4Prez He did not broke any rules, so what you guys did wasn't right. Simple as that. If he's done something not nice in the past, that doesn't mean you have the right to chase him everywhere for the rest of his life. Especially if he apologized, which it does seem so.

I just hope your personal life is as pristine and flawless as you expect of others.

@MatejLach @Gargron @Fellixe @FatherMcGruder @streetvalkyrie @MarkWarner @DickButt4Prez no one cares if he broke the rules. And it's not his personal life that's the issue, it's his public one.

He did something that harmed several hundred people and cut them off of their support networks and has downplayed and misrepresented the damage he did without trying to undo it.

He is a source of emotional discomfort to many. He makes no effort to change his harmful behavior.

@MatejLach @Gargron @Fellixe @FatherMcGruder @streetvalkyrie @MarkWarner @DickButt4Prez
Asking the trans women of the instance to ignore that showed a disregard for the safety of people on his instance. Doubly so when he's listening to an ostracized rapist and abuser about bofa.lol's supposed transitioning instead of several trans women who aren't rapists.

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