#Mozilla begrudgingly implements tracking protection by default, after being shamed into it yet again by Safari, the DuckDuckGo browser, and Gnome Web (just the ones I know who implemented it first) and talks a good talk while still having Google as its default search engine and continuing to get hundreds of millions from Google/Alphabet, Inc. – the largest surveillance capitalist in the world. (Mozilla Corp is ~entirely funded by surveillance capitalism.)



@aral Some valid criticisms, but:

1. I'd not hold as some sort of privacy respecting company. They exposed disk encryption passwords in plain text, stored all user location info without anyone knowing on user devices, routinely have embarrassing bugs and while we talk about capitalism - refuse to pay fair share of taxes and exploit cheap labour.

2. Mozilla uses the funding to further fund free software, like , Servo and routinely gives back to free software projects.


@aral They have to get the funding from somewhere and I suppose user donations wouldn't be enough. They COULD and SHOULD do better, as you said Web already did this with a minuscule team compared to . But of all the major browsers they're still the best.

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