It's tragic how many people are willing to throw a heroic journalist under the bus because he did not 100% conforms to their own version of what should be reported on.

If you only have journalists that report on what your personal preferences of what should be reported on are, then that's no journalism at all.


I would consider Assange to be a whistleblower not a journalist.

I certainly don't agree with how he has been hounded and essentially incarcerated while having been charged with no crime, much less convicted of anything.

The propaganda and disinformation campaign against Assange has certainly been effective. He is now a global international pariah, and stands convicted in the court of world opinion for sex crimes based on dubious circumstances for which he was never charged.-more-

@hhardy01 People I spoke to are convinced he "colluded with the Trump campaign" (no evidence) and that he "gave us Trump" etc. Not necessarily connected to the Swedish case, but probably worse because it's political, making people on a particular side shut their rational thinking for their side.

Be it a journalist, or whistleblower, he deserves protection.


It's hard to remember that Assange overwhelmingly won Time magazine's "person of the year" poll in 2010, and was reportedly leading the Time poll in 2016 when Time removed him from its shortlist of candidates.

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