"Australia Bans Cash For All Purchases Over $10,000 Starting July Of 2019"

Not The Onion, WTF? The hunger for unchcked digital surveillance has been growing stronger all around the world and it seems it all can only get worse at this point. 😞

@MatejLach And with that, Australia completes its departure from the free world.

@matejlach oh no, outlawing something so criminals cant do it. good thing those criminals cant break the law now
@MatejLach And if the price is >= EUR 3000, you can pay 10 % in cash, up to 3000. (So you're limited to EUR 300,1 in cash for a EUR 3001 purchase)
@MatejLach Well ... I'm told this limit has been increased a bit -_-' Can't confirm right now!

@MatejLach that same law is being applied in Spain with a cash limit of € 3000 since some years ago (not sure if it's correctly expressed, I am not a native speaker)

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