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@MatejLach I took a look, and ActivityPub would work for this. Pull requests are straightforward: SCM url / branch / revision and some text, with notes replying to it (can add a file/line for specific feedback). Issues are easy. Forking is trivial, though most of it isn't covered by ActivityPub.

the end result here is that the technical deficiencies in git create a barrier to non-experts which has led us to grant an american corporation exclusive control of vast swathes of the FOSS commons. This will not end well.


(To c&p something I said over on twitter because I think y'all will appreciate it more)

When Github goes down, FOSS effectively stops right now. It's tragic that we've allowed a single company to gain such control over the open commons.

I recognize that we are in this situation mostly because the 'distributed' side of git is only usable by experts. And I recognize the niche that GH fills (ticketing and PRs in lieu of emailed patches)


Do you run your own #DNS server? The open source implementations will stop doing some #EDNS workarounds in Feb 2019. Thankfully, "just update" is the way to fix it if you are having problems. wrote a blog post describing it

You can also check your domain(s) at

It wasn't just Greece: Archaeologists find early democratic societies in the Americas
– '...Tlaxcallan #Mexico is one of several premodern societies around the world that archaeologists believe were organized collectively, where rulers shared power and commoners had a say in the government that presided over their lives.

These societies were not necessarily full democracies in which citizens cast votes, but they were radically different from the autocratic, inherited rule found—or assumed—in most early societies. Building on Blanton's originally theoretical ideas, archaeologists now say these "collective societies" left telltale traces in their material culture, such as repetitive architecture, an emphasis on public space over palaces, reliance on local production over exotic trade goods, and a narrowing of wealth gaps between elites and commoners...'

ATT UNIX System V had a program called writer's workbench.

That program had a dictionary in place to scan for and replace sexist language in text.

@jordyd weak. my new OS just boots straight into vim. upon exiting the entire text of the file will be sent as a toot and the computer will shut down

My new operating system just boots into a browser that’s pointed at a mastodon instance.

I call it Boot to Toot.

@KitRedgrave i had to check if this was a markov bot toot

Kind folk of the fediverse, my partner would like to start out on Mastodon, and as she is a talented digital artist I feel that would be the best place for her to start for both her and the community.

Can anybody send me an invite code? Many thanks!

if you had told college-aged me that I would be working on machines that surpassed the Sun pizza-boxen that we had in our college lab I'm not sure i would have believed you.

If you had told college-aged me that I would have a collection of programming languages available to me for free on said machines my mind would have boggled.

But that's what I have now. I have the workstation that I always dreamed I would have in my "dorm room".


#IPFS a #p2p hypermedia protocol building a Distributed Web

(for those haven't heard of it yet, or as a reminder that it's still there, waiting to be explored)

Nice Public Domain you have there. Would be a shame if anything were to accidentally make it in there.

Also I have a feeling this is going to do more damage to streaming services like

@remram44 @MatejLach @vickysteeves except it's very much a general-purpose federation protocol, and not at all tailored to microblogging?

NextCloud uses ActivityPub to federate files and calendars.

You asked for it: Here's a mastodon LaTeX client! Screenshots of example output attached!

i've always wondered how people steal passwords

we should ban tweezers

“The #Copyleft Symbol is typically used in ‘copyright’ statements, often alongside statements like ‘All wrongs reserved’ or ‘All rights reversed’.”

“at least one TEX font family under development in 1996 included a glyph for the Copyleft Symbol. The symbol was informally adopted as a logo for those supporting the concept of copyleft”

Due to the new GDPR, Facebook will ask all of its users in the EU to accept being tracked, although it won't stop all tracking if they disable it. But there is no "decline" button, it just takes you to a page of inscrutable settings.

Horray for hollow victories.