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After a lot of deliberation, I have decided to launch a with a modest goal, in order to support development, since two hours of me tired after work, every couple of days doesn't really cut it.

is a question/answer platform akin to / , powered by .

If that sounds interesting to you, please take a look at - you'd get early access to the source code and your own space on

Firefox 66 arrives with autoplaying blocked by default, smoother scrolling

(submitted by sahin-boydas)

The thing with gatekeepers like is that when you tell people these things, they usually don't listen, because until the very second something like this happens to them, it seems improbable. And that's the problem; your emails, documents etc. could be wiped at any second - yet people still build businesses that rely entirely on the / to survive, something they have absolutely no control over - or is built on top of 3rd parties like & 100% at their mercy.

@kde Actually, that's not quite right - they do have a pretty solid customer sales & services team, staffed with real people, for their actual customers - advertisers.

Everything comes down to money and nothing else; another example; they're willing to demonetize channels without explanation & hold them accountable for user generated comments, just so advertisers stay on the platform, even if it hurts creators massively & of course there's no human to interact with there either.

'@kde Connect has been removed from for violating their new policy on apps that access SMS [1]. The policy has an explicit exception for companion apps (like KDE Connect), but it was removed anyway and *there's no way to talk to *'

Just another example of how corps are willing to throw their weight around when it comes to avoiding taxes etc. yet are unwilling to put their weight behind any sort of customer service that would actually help people.

US Bars Entry to International Criminal Court Investigators

(submitted by tareqak)

So I have a bunch of different IEMs with the MMCX connector and the left earpiece on one of them broke, so I took an earpiece from a completely different IEM and the results are bizarre...not bad, which is perhaps even stranger, but definitely super weird. 🎧

Excellent talk: if you do web programming I'd consider it a must watch. Don't worry, it's funny.

My only complaint is that the cover of Fahrenheit 451 didn't show up.

just finished rsync-ing project gutenberg! i'll be adding the collection to walkaway wiki in the next couple of days.

both the gopher server and termui still need to be updated to support torrent collections, but you can view these using torrentfs manually in the meantime.

It's my pet theory that the availability of the Twitter-to-Mastodon cross-poster has harmed Mastodon's adoption by giving people an easy way to change nothing about their social media habits, and pretend like they have checked out Mastodon without ever being here.

Every time I bring this up I get responses à la "not all cross-posters!" and well, if you don't think it's about you, don't make it about you

#AV1 decoding just made a big leap forward with last #dav1d version! The new one (v0.2.0) improves A LOT (~2.25x) performances on older devices and mobiles.

#VLC and #Firefox will soon integrate #dav1d decoder. #FFmpeg already does it.

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Is it just me who is wondering how the #GuardianProject can use #FuckOffGoogle URL shortener + tracking for links that they label with #privacy?

And isn't it absurd when you recommend users to "Try private web searching with #DuckDuckGo" but then you lead them to directly into the #GooglePlay store?

@fdroidorg #FreeYourAndroid #SurveillanceCapitalism #Orbot @torproject

Theresa May is being quoted as saying:

"If this deal is not passed, then Brexit could be lost."

Hard Brexiteers consider PM's words to be an empty threat.

Projections for the vote tonight are her deal will lose by between 100-150 votes.

17 days to go to Brexit, and we are back at square one.

Since people seem to enjoy those 3d prints so much, here's another thing I recently printed:

an adjustable camera/phone tripod

#3dprint #photo

170 years of German publishers demanding special copyrights for the press because of new technology.

The snippet taxes of Article 11 will be used to enrich publishers at the expense of actual journalism.

#Artikel11 #SaveYourInternet

Turns out indoor plants really do help purify the air, removing volatile organic compounds through their leaves, roots, and the microbiome living in the soil they grow in.

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