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I decided to start sharing parts of as they become mature.

Today, I am releasing a library for decoding ActivityStreams 2.0 objects into native Go objects and also for encoding Go objects into ActivityStreams 2.0 JSON objects.


The usage is your typical Go Marshal/Unmarshal, (see tests for examples).

The license is copyleft (AGPLv3).

Your feedback (and a star) are welcome :-)

@dirtycommo every single time we've had a daily stand-up meeting over Microsoft Teams, there's been an entirely new bug that breaks everything for at least one person.

As in, a never-before-seen bug that grinds the meeting to a halt every single day.

But we keep using Microsoft Teams because it's really funny.

People: *complains about chrome hogging memory*
People: *don’t even try using a different browser*


The design of the commemorative 50p Brexit coin has been released.

#50p #Brexit

59 years later. (Photo stolen from reddit.)

(Photo shows workers loading an electronic computer on the back of a flatbed truck in the top frame, and in the bottom, the same location, with someone holding a raspberry pi computer in their hand.)

psa: amazon doorbells spy on you for the cops 

Little-known Mastodon features:

Profile directory: You can opt-in to being listed on your server's public profile directory, and you can use hashtags in your bio to appear under those hashtags

Featured hashtags: You can choose hashtags to be displayed on your public profile so that people can browse all your posts under those hashtags

Slack's release notes:

> We’ve tinkered with the internal workings and polished some rough edges. The app is now better than it was.

If you say so...


We've found it! The only developer in the world who made their website *too* accessible 😆


New blog post: Installing Ghost the hard way

I get angry about a trend in server hosting and software development and go on a petty crusade to rectify one particular instance of it. Also, I ramble about a blog... on a blog.

New episode about LIbre Lounge covering a different approach for how to mitigate spam, abuse, etc on the federated social web (and why other currently considered approaches aren't a sufficient foundation), moving towards "networks of consent"

If you've heard me talking about OcapPub lately, this episode walks through a lot of the same ideas and arguably more approachably. (It may even make it easier for you to read OcapPub.)

"CSS can do that?" is one of my favourites posts at ThePracticalDev.

No explication needed.

......... that's some nice encryption
you've got there
it'd be a shame
if something happened to it
{ }{ } { }{ }
(• - •) (■_■)
/ >🔐 🚪< \

" ‘No way to prevent this’, Says Only Development Community Where This Regularly Happens"

Kids these days....

The most funny part IMO is that the 5 recommendations made at the end of the post are what Maven Central has been doing in Java ecosystem for years...

Some good ActivityPub Conf 2019 news: we got exactly the right number of submissions (all excellent!) to be able to fit all of them in and still do an unconference on Sunday. I'm extremely excited about this lineup!

We'll be making the actual schedule publicly available next week.

There are only a few slots left to register as an attendee btw! If you'd like to come, don't delay!

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