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I decided to start sharing parts of as they become mature.

Today, I am releasing a library for decoding ActivityStreams 2.0 objects into native Go objects and also for encoding Go objects into ActivityStreams 2.0 JSON objects.


The usage is your typical Go Marshal/Unmarshal, (see tests for examples).

The license is copyleft (AGPLv3).

Your feedback (and a star) are welcome :-)

Lots of cool home brew stuff lately in the CoCo world. And now its spreading to the Dragon side!
A Dragon 64 from scratch. And the person even published the files needed to 3D print the case and key caps :)

Zoom installer does a stupid

> When Zoom issued an update, the updater function would install the new package after checking that it had been cryptographically signed by Zoom

> But a bug in how the checking method was implemented meant that giving the updater any file with the same name as Zoom’s signing certificate would be enough to pass the test — so an attacker could substitute any kind of malware program and have it be run by the updater with elevated privilege


#PineTime, #PinePower desktop, #PinePhone keyboard case and more is in stock. PinePhones coming next week. #Pinecil V2 and #PinebookPro coming at the end of the month/ early September.

Please note, Monday (Aug. 15) is a bank holiday so shipping starts on Tuesday (Aug. 16).

Would anyone be interested in a Bitwarden Pixelfed account for security tips + tricks and updates?

Like this one for example:

Send Output To Editor (sote) 1.0.0 released

Fish(er) plugin that sends the output of your last command to your editor.

Ever wished you could grab and manipulate some text from the output of a command without using the mouse and copy/paste? This is for you :)


fisher install small-tech/sote

More info:

(So this is me apparently not yak shaving today.)

#fish #shell #terminal #sote

I've always wanted to try implementing a segment display, where each bit in a byte is a segment being turn on or off.

Do you know of any hosting provider that is (as) sustainable (as possible), preferably owned by the workers and reliable? Thanks, boosts ok :)

Now the radioMii builds are also automatically deployed via the
@codeberg CI on Codeberg Pages. It took a little while, but I think you can't have enough pipeline iterations to enjoy the @WoodpeckerCI 😊

If you are interested in the script:

Checked out the Gitea source, I found the code fairly clean given its feature scope but interfaces like HasTLSer really spoiled an otherwise good impression. The advice about interfaces ending in -er was meant when it also makes sense as a word, hence Writer, Reader etc. HasTLSer just doesn't fit. Even TransportEncrypter is imo better than HasTLSer.

But otherwise a pretty solid codebase on a first pass.

Picked up two great, minimally wieldy games today. Gettin too old for this shit, but, enjoy a couple you don't see every day.

@njoseph i use Antennapod from fdroid. It's meant for podcasts, but it's trivial to add a local folder as a show. So you could have a dir of books , single or multiple files each, and listen through Antennapod.

a general purpose computer where you can’t replace microsoft’s root of trust keys with yours isn’t general purpose

The best thing about the is that it's making gamers interested and wanting to play around with and in general.

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