So the French Government requires Rust to build its operating system apparently.


Ever-growing list of websites that don’t work at all or show a plain white page without #JavaScript is a testament to the cesspool that is modern web development

I browse without JS on mobile to save my meager bandwidth (8mb for JS libs from 10 different sources), to save battery life, and to avoid the deluge of on-page malarkey that make most sites unusable

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Kudos to the Sublime Merge devs for also providing packages, instead of just your typical: "Here's a .deb and for the rest of you, here's a .tar.gz, go package it yourself".

Just saw a comment on LWN where someone said that Dick Cheney cursing was considered controversial too, just like Linus cursing is.

I think there are more controversial things about Dick Cheney than him cursing.

Attention UBports Community!

As UBports quickly grows, we need to know the clear answer to the question "Who is our audience?". Querida, a member of UBports Marketing, has decided to do Bachelor thesis on this topic. So with your help we can all benefit from her hard work!

We ask you to about 5 minutes of your time to fill out this survey.

To thank you for your participation, we'll be sure to publish the detailed results of this survey. Thank you for your help!

@Purism is proud to announce the latest offering in the @Purism line of products - the Librem Key! The first and only key to offer tamper evident protection to laptop users. … Discuss at

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John Hancock will include fitness tracking in all life insurance policies

> John Hancock, one of the oldest and largest North American life insurers, will stop underwriting traditional life insurance and instead sell only interactive policies that track fitness and health data through wearable devices and smartphones, the company said on Wednesday....


Prismo just received its first donation from @swedneck 👑!

If you want to support prismo development:

it kind of seems like in practice about 70% of the benefit of continuous integration setups gets eaten up in the overwhelming amount of fiddly bullshit required to keep the CI pipeline running happily.

AT&T employee: #GDPR “basically means more popups on cookies & tracking…it also means that some websites from outside the EU are no longer accessible (the sites prefer to keep the detailed tracking, & simply block EU visitors).”

Person sets him straight: “please don’t continue to peddle common misconceptions about GDPR…“

Google employee: “I don’t think the intention here is to have a political debate about GDPR, but simply to analyze its technical effects on websites.”

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If you ever doubt the usefulness of your efforts, remember that a substantial amount of trees are planted by squirrels hiding nuts and then forgetting where they put 'em

Check out, for example, the article on how to report bugs for KDE software by openSUSE developer Alexander Naumov:

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