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I think the edge brnding keeps nicely in line with the minimalist aesthetic, and it's easy enough to cover with a case (you will offer a case, please?) if someone prefers to keep such details private!

We have a new #librem5 update! Ethical aesthetics – Librem 5 design report #7

We're curious your thoughts on this potential branding decision.

Australians could face ten years in jail for refusing to unlock their smartphone. Last time they've banned cash for all larger purchases.

Coming up next: Social credits, just don't call it that because China had them first and it's not at all the same because when we do it, we mean well.

Now I am listening to the 8-bit version of TesseracT's Altered State again #np via @ryanlittlefield

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I've seen a bunch of posts about clients for mastodon but haven't seen any love for the lovingly brutal brutaldon ( made by the inimitable @gcupc, so consider this post some love for brutaldon, and give it a try if you're interested

@Antanicus I think there are two things preventing non-techies from stopping using Google.

They don't perceive the value being extracted from them, and they only perceive the value they receive. Google is seen as neutral; a sort of commons. That it happens to be a private company is irrelevant. If they stopped using it, they wouldn't get the same value.

What must be changed is the view that Google is a commons.

Apparently employees are protesting the plan to build a censored search for China. That's very good to hear, but it's also important to remember that de-ranking of websites to protect the interests of outdated private industries, highlighting news stories from 'trusted' (by them) sources, personalization etc. are just some of the ways Google already censors content worldwide.

I am not going to lie, every time there's a new -derived bug affecting CPUs, I gently pet my laptop 😂

Hmm... most of the people who I'm seeing dismissing Mastodon seem to be assuming that instances don't share posts/follows/etc with each other

#Introductions I'm Joe, a licensed attorney with a background in U.S. state and federal election laws, administrative law, public retirement fund administration, and economics. I have a general interest in the social sciences (including polisci and sociology).

I quit Facebook when I concluded the cost of remaining (e.g., constant vigilance for unilateral changes in privacy settings) was greater than the benefit.

Twitter sure feels like that now. Demands tons of effort to read stuff someone else decided I should read just to reach occasional morsels of what I subscribed to? Fuck you pay me.

@Gargron and other Mastodon devs:
I wonder if a nomenclature change might help newbies: "Mastodon address", rather than "usernames" or "handles". "Server" rather than "instance".

Might help them better understand the similarities to email. Thoughts?

One thing in regards to software am really not sure about is shipping without support for notifications and multitasking in order to meet the Jan 19 deadline. I'd rather wait till March/April to have this on launch, since you know that all the "tech" journalists are going to review it without the context that it's coming soon and make a verdict like.

"The might respect your privacy, but it doesn't respect your sanity. Avoid, 4/10" - and just like that the phone might die again.

As a backer of the smartphone, the best, most up-to-date source for the latest developments I've found so far is - seems like the development is going along well, but I am still sceptical of the Jan 2019 delivery date, seems like that's right around the corner and there's still tons of stuff to do, (dev boards haven't shipped yet, software is wip etc.).

I wouldn't personally mind a delay if that means better quality hardware and more polished software.

So as I have access to all of JetBrains IDEs and I never really used Rider, I decided what the heck let's try out some .NET Core just for fun.

I installed the SDK and then came across this:

Of course they have telemetry absolutely everywhere and now they even collect your MAC address etc.

I so distrust I don't even trust the opt-out environment variable you can set 😏

Instant uninstall.