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I decided to start sharing parts of as they become mature.

Today, I am releasing a library for decoding ActivityStreams 2.0 objects into native Go objects and also for encoding Go objects into ActivityStreams 2.0 JSON objects.


The usage is your typical Go Marshal/Unmarshal, (see tests for examples).

The license is copyleft (AGPLv3).

Your feedback (and a star) are welcome :-)

Some nice developments happening in Pine64 land. Tow-boot is a project to make u-boot more like booting on regular computers and now supports Pinephone.

The Quartz64 Model B is coming soon which is a Raspberry Pi form factor successor to the Rock64 with a new RK3566 chipset and 4GB or 8GB of ram.

Then theres the new QuartzPro64 that sounds like it will eventually be a gnarly platform for an arm server.

Mastodon for iPad is almost ready. Finishing up App Store screenshots.

@yaaps I disagree with what "You can't solve social problems with technology" subsequently leads to. We can't cleanly separate social and technological issues. A membership card is a "technological" solution to a social problem but of course it's not completely technological. It's a bit stilly to me to separate these two domains. They're inextricably linked.

It’s kind of hilarious to me that DuckDuckGo released a statement claiming that _they_ were downranking Russian results, angering users, rather than making it more clear that their results are from Bing.

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I dug up a project from a year ago, the Handheld Wing, which is basically a PewPew M4 but with an Adafruit Feather socket on it, so I an use any feather as the MCU. I could do the same with a display module and a bunch of buttons on a breadboard, but this is much more comfortable. So today I added the missing resistors to it, and brought up my games on an RP2040 Feather. Thinking about making an RP2040 version of the PewPew M4, because it's the only chip you can buy now...

Now hiring!

The #Inkscape project is seeking to fill a 12-month contract position for a Project Coordinator.

You'll find more details here:

#FLOSS #collaboration #job #inkscape

Do you use Inkscape?

Then you're eligible to vote in the Inkscape 1.2 About Screen Contest!

Voting is open until Sunday, March 13, 23:59 UTC!

Vote here:

#aboutscreencontest #inkscape #artwithopensource #vote #community

"The SS2000MD4 drives are used in the pulse/direction mode and are controlled by a palmtop computer."

oh fun, a screen and keyboard the size of your palm or something? (still thinking this is talking about something within the device)

"In particular, the use of Desktop, Laptop and Palmtop computers has replaced the discontinued Tandy 100 and 102 notebook computers that were originally supplied."

oh. Palmtop with a capital P. i understand now.


This is for the Model E solar tracker tho. We use a model F now.

"In particular, the use various computer platforms (Tandy 100s, Desktops, Laptops and Palmtops) have been replaced with an on board Atmel ATmega64 microcontroller."

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Co-ops UK coming in with a weird piece of comedy theatre: did a rebranding and public strategy and didn't use a coöp for it

I successfully defended my PhD in January. I'm once again among the precariat and looking for work. Research related, or academic work would be nice, but I've lots of other experience, from web admin to event organising. Just putting this out there.

Me and some other people from Free Software Community are planning to release a privacy-respecting free software chatting app, named Prav (means pigeon in Malayalam language) for Indian users, which would be interoperable with XMPP.

We want more people to get involved because we want to have democratic decision making process.

Please visit the website Also, please share with your contacts.

#FreeSoftware #opensource #XMPP

Read about the progress on mainline support for the Librem 5 phone and its development kit during the 5.17 development cycle here

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