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I decided to start sharing parts of as they become mature.

Today, I am releasing a library for decoding ActivityStreams 2.0 objects into native Go objects and also for encoding Go objects into ActivityStreams 2.0 JSON objects.


The usage is your typical Go Marshal/Unmarshal, (see tests for examples).

The license is copyleft (AGPLv3).

Your feedback (and a star) are welcome :-)

German pessimist philosophers get really dark, man.

Announcing - an open-source, ActivityPub-compliant alternative to GoodReads, Coursera etc.

The goal is to build humanity's universal learning map by tagging learning resources with rich metadata such as topics, format, length, cost etc. There's a companion browser extension, a mobile app and peer-groups for project-based learning, mentored by selected experts and more.

The webapp is built with Ruby, Rails and PostgreSQL. Inviting devs:

uMatrix has been archived

The extraordinarily useful, popular, and necessary browser privacy and security extension has been archived and set read-only.

HN discussion:

GitHub repo:

#uMatrix #www #BrowserExtensions #WebBrowsers

Overall, my recommendation would be:

If you want Phosh shell, go with first or if you want full disk encryption then but be ready to use a shell script to trigger deep sleep, because only can handle it properly atm and pmOS doesn't use it.

If you want Plasma Mobile, I'd suggest you wait until at least the next release when the pmOS implementation is supposed to get better, if you cannot wait there's the Manjaro Plasma builds.

Also, give a try, it's fun.

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Another important feature implemented by and not offered by any other distro at this point is full disk encryption, which I think is a must for a mobile device in 2020.

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After initially being skeptical, I can honestly see myself using Sxmo, my only concern really would be with its reliance on the hardware buttons of the which do not feel built with the intention of being used constantly, so them being the primary method of interaction with the UI may not have been the wisest choice.

Other than that, am impressed with it.

Also, it's pretty much the only UI where deep sleep works flawlessly without having to echo to /sys...

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Plasma implementation is currently rather broken, sleep doesn't work at all for example, but they do have an interesting UI that few others offer; .

Sxmo is basically a config for the PinePhone with some additional tooling to make it recognize touchscreen gestures and handle rapid successive key presses in order to map more functionality on to the 3 HW buttons of the PinePhone than they would normally be able to.

This feels the most old-school UNIXy and power user UI

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For Plasma Mobile, there's the KDE Neon builds for the , however they feel less functional than the Manjaro Plasma builds, specifically when it comes to turning of the screen, going to sleep, waking up and also the Neon builds seem more prone to freezes.

That being said, it is hard to recommend a Manjaro build after all the drama they've been involved in and how they treat upstream.

Plasma also has problems bringing up the keyboard in GTK apps, so I'd wait for a while re KDE.

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in particular shines with its mobile friendly config that also works with non-ESR versions, but it's held back by insisting on not using and the fact that just can't handle deep CRUST sleep properly, which is not a problem on say .

however currently relies on Firefox ESR, rather than the latest stable version, however it does have the most mobile parches to make apps usable on the small screen, including for Geary.

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Some observations regarding what DE works best on which distro for the :

- ( mobile shell by Purism) is probably the most "ready" mobile shell overall, mainly in need of more GTK apps that utilize libhandy to resize themselves properly for the small screen.

In particular would be a good candidate since every modern smartphone needs a good email client in its arsenal.

has probably the best implementation, followed by & ARM/Manjaro

@alcinnz @MatejLach It would carry a lot more weight if the cables lasted more than the lifetime of one of the phones, which they obviously don't. Not to mention the reality that most people need *multiple* charge cords.

September Blog Update Time!

- We're an Arm ecosystem partner now!
- New and improved Pine Store upcoming

- #PinebookPro production delay due to LCD shortage

- #PineTab new image releases

- #PinePhone Manjaro CE preorders start Sept. 17

- #PinePhone camera developments

- p-boot multi-image loader

Only can spin not giving you a charging cable in the box as being environmentally responsible.

randomness generate by a little mic you have to scream into every time you want to look at an https site

Opinion: JIRA the platform is intrinsically antithetical to Agile.

I'd argue that it is nigh impossible to use JIRA and embrace Agile at the same time.

Surprise! I just released Fragments 1.5 🥳

It's now even sexier - thanks to libhandy 1.0! It also includes additional features like desktop notifications.

#Flathub build will be available very soon!

The big surprise here is how long it took Facebook to say "Hold my beer" after Google Glass

@MatejLach I have a hard time hearing in crowded places like bars. Want the tech, but anything from FB is gonna be a no from me

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