"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up people to collect wood and don't assign them tasks and work, but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea."

-- Antoine de Saint-Exupery

@bjoern it was vendor-neutral in that GH wasn't owned by any other tech company whose competitors might be developing software on GH. Now it is. I agree with what you say about #VultureCapital, but a mistake was made either when they took it, or when everyone continued hosting there after they took it. Take your pick. GL could get acquired, but the difference is anyone (using the gratis service) could move to self-hosted with minimal hassle, and if necessary, fork the project. Not at GH

I have been using Webfaction.com for years and just realized they've been acquired by , the same set of lovely folks who have most recently became known for injecting arbitrary javascript into people's pages.

Ugh, truly depressing how every independent company gets swallowed by the very entity you were trying to escape from.

The lesson being that when you're trying to subvert someone's else's effort for your own devious ends, it is naive to assume that it will stop precisely where YOU wanted it to go, because the same means you used to get what you wanted could be used by someone even less scrupulous.

While I don't like this trend as a whole, there's a certain sense of karma in what is now happening to the movement that was so quick to shun copyleft and free software in pursuit of corporate profits.

Advocates of "open-source" seem truly shocked at the erosion of what that was supposed to mean, failing to realize that it's a natural consequence of the capitalism they championed while eroding the term "free software".

Such erosion has been going on for years, a category I'd describe as "source available" has been established by the likes of Epic a while ago, the only difference being that the likes of MongoDB would like to get the PR benefit of "open-source", while being "source available".

I'd love some thoughts from other linux music people on here on good apps to use, particularly for processing guitar.

@trwnh @ChrisWere @Gargron "In order to be better than Twitter, it has to be exactly like it, except in the abstract ways that we demand Twitter be better"

Alessandro Castellani—the developer behind the excellent Sequeler and Taxi apps—is building Akira, a native UI/UX design tool for elementary OS. Help him raise the funds necessary to hire on some stellar community developers and get the first release out! buff.ly/2FGHLMD

journalists write years of articles about how Facebook is succeeding and Twitter is failing because Twitter only has 250 million users:

Twitter Facebookifies itself and repeatedly alienates its core users

journalists start to write years of articles about how Mastodon is failing because we're not twitter

us: we're fine thanks

If people come into open world systems where literally anyone can join with the expectation they can reshape the entire thing into what they and their political faction want, they will be sorely disappointed.

If you want that sort of thing, I don't think federated systems are for you.

Ah so this is the Mastodon-bashing article everyone is talking about: dailydot.com/debug/mastodon-fe

One thing struck me is the author's idea about mastodon.social being apolitical, to the point of it being the main feature of the network.

This is not true in my experience. I never had problems talking politics here, nobody tried to shut me down. And I see other people doing it all the time. And no, I don't consider a choice of hiding it under CW to be any form of (self-)censure, it's just a form.

i guess some article is going around about how mastodon is dying? as the admin of a goth instance, this makes mastodon even better actually

Android malware uses accelerometer readings to figure out if it was running on a real phone or in emulation

Journalism in 2019 is basically just long form shitposting huh

@mala @paolo I am tempted to tell them: you want to treat video sites as "pirates"? Fine, let's trade:

You get this, but in exchange every time you erroneously ask a video to be taken down, you pay a HUGE fine. And there are felony charges on top of that, since you have to sign a document stating that you certify that that particular piece of content is infringing.

Yes, this includes right to quote, parody, fair use in the US, and all of that. Dealing with this complexity is now on you. Enjoy.

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