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Do not ever, I repeat, DO NOT EVER, read a thread of hilarious memes while drinking any sort of beverage.

Check out the Mastodon api if you're into sw development. The official Ruby one can be found on

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If you're pissed off at FB for collecting your data, just remember that Google is doing that as well.

Give #DuckDuckGo a try.


If you walk from Facebook, it may also be time to walk away from WhatsApp, Telegram and non-open messaging.

Matrix + Riot.IM might be up your alley too


> [Musk] later elaborated, saying in a tweet that Instagram is "probably ok," as long as it "stays fairly independent" from Facebook.

Yeah. Well.

"Before you join a meal delivery service, read this" the headline says, suggesting that maybe you won't want to join after reading the scandalous article. In fact, it's just a gushing piece talking about how wonderful Hello Fresh is. Perhaps the most disingenuous click bait I've seen in recent memory.

It's super cool and not bad at all that Microsoft admitted that Windows is so broken that sometimes you need to reinstall.

That's definitely a sign of a healthy software package.

Speaking of which guess how I got my Windows computer booting again...

Most importantly, stop putting institutional events on Facebook, stop using it at universities, stop making participation in Facebook mandatory through your institutional, organization, and activist roles. You can be online, and social, and connected without supporting Facebook.

i need to build up a dossier of credible articles that clearly show why it is important to leave platforms like birdsite, fb, ig, etc.

does anyone know of a possible collection of such articles (or links to) that I could use as part of presentation that would clearly show people why joining Mastodon and boycotting the corporate-based social networks is necessary?

it looks i'm on a local advocacy campaign for a local :mastodon: instance again.


Hello! Made an account here some time ago because the instance name resonated with me, then decided to actually do something with it because @bb010g shilled mastodon so here I am I guess. I'm looking for some people to follow so taking suggestions. My bio describes my interests quite accurately but here are some of them as tags #music #guitar #warhammer #gaming #linux #programming #security #infosec

Have a great day and see you around :D #introduction

Recent FB scandal is just tip of the Zuckerberg

Understanding Terms of Service is important for your privacy!
Check out the crowdfunding campaign of our friends @ToSDR! … #nextcloud

I wish I had the money to use Oracle SQL databases. I’d still use postgres everywhere, but damn we could spend that cash on so many other nice things

Application Hardening
- Engineers: Build to Resiliency
- Hackers: Use features in unintended ways

Teach Application Developers an attacker’s mindset.

Don’t overdo it.
- Focus on Isolation, instead of building all the security features.
- Make areas more difficult to hack.

Again, mentions removing physical debugging / JTAG.
- Don’t use Development Boards as Production.

Use HW Drive Encryption if Available

Finally: Don’t leave Keys in Memory.


I blame node.js and Rails for the global memory shortage that keeps prices sky high