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I decided to start sharing parts of as they become mature.

Today, I am releasing a library for decoding ActivityStreams 2.0 objects into native Go objects and also for encoding Go objects into ActivityStreams 2.0 JSON objects.


The usage is your typical Go Marshal/Unmarshal, (see tests for examples).

The license is copyleft (AGPLv3).

Your feedback (and a star) are welcome :-)

A browser development environment with live reloading and P2P code sharing. Built with #clojurescript, shadow-cljs, reagent and bootleg.

The app is distributed as a single HTML file making it perfect for creating self executing gists.

@MatejLach similar to companies using proprietary software, not minding or taking advantage of the fact that their users have no rights, then acting shocked and victimized when they too are treated the same. You deserve it!

If you want to read something about the recent #postmarketOS #Stable Service Pack update for the #PinePhone, check out Brad's article to learn the details before you update:

cc @nipos

I'll never understand companies explicitly choosing non-copyleft licenses and then whining about not getting the protection afforded by copyleft.

Quantum computers were a good idea, until they introduced branch prediction, which, like traditional computers it didn't predict so much as run all possibilities in parallel and take the actual one.

However, unlike traditional computers, the quantum ones created alternative realities with each branch, taking the "real" one once the states coalesced.

Alternate program execution realities weren't the issue either. That is, until the darkest of those timelines learned how to inject malicious code into the others.

#TootFic #TootFiction

continuing to suffer from their savior from themselves syndrome by again taking down a repository and then restoring it to great fanfare.

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Subject: DMCA

Dear PolarisFM,
Your existence has been currently suspended for the following reasons: Memorizing copyrighted material.
If this is an error, please contact us at


The real conspiracy is that all of the RE tools suck ass because companies don't want people to be able to RE their shit

joe and em said "nothing will fundamentally change" but yes tell me more about how much of the vp Cop is a #girlboss

Zero is plural, but 1 is singular. (0 Comments, 1 Comment)
-[deleted], Apr 2014

Idea: Podcast about investment fraud called “Investi-gate”

@rysiek @briar Installed and played with Briar on a couple of my devices, I love the concept and networking. UX has a ways to go and the inability to send files or use "mailboxes" feels like the biggest limitation currently. That said, its way closer to my "dream app" I envisioned years ago. Keep up the good work, I'm impressed!

@rendezvous @rysiek @briar If you are interested in following the progress, the issue tracker is available here:

Adding support for self destructing messages, for example, is being tracked here: It is now marked as High priority and has been actively been worked over the past month. Due date is Jan 31, 2021!

I guess the message is that the U.S. indeed isn't a secular state?

< I wish to have something like 9front's kernel but more modern
> Meh hardware sucks
< Okay, custom hardware then
> Nah, that's horrible to do
< Well based on an existing OS then?
> Okay, which?
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Can't wait for someone to DMCA nginx because it lets you host illegal material.

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