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I decided to start sharing parts of as they become mature.

Today, I am releasing a library for decoding ActivityStreams 2.0 objects into native Go objects and also for encoding Go objects into ActivityStreams 2.0 JSON objects.


The usage is your typical Go Marshal/Unmarshal, (see tests for examples).

The license is copyleft (AGPLv3).

Your feedback (and a star) are welcome :-)

It already means that GTK4 will be ready for phones, which is huge, I don't necessarily see Samsung jumping on this anytime soon, but a Raspberry Pi 5 sold as an official phone kit w/ case, modem, screen all included similar to their desktop kits, getting into schools, on TV and into magazines, offering compelling performance at an affordable price...maybe even jumping in with super polished hardware now that they're locked out of the ecosystem?

The future looks interesting...

Yes, the doesn't have have modern hardware, yes, it's expensive for now & yes, Purism has made missteps along the way, but I am still eagerly waiting for mine, because it's been 12 years since the original iPhone and I'd say that's enough of a head start for proprietary software. Once there's real hardware to target, free software will catch up quickly & that will make hardware OEMs consider it, springing up more compelling hardware, eventually, but for now we can't be very HW picky.

@opensuse needs your input about We are looking at redoing the store and would like to know your thoughts. Take this short survey to help us determine a directions -

This podcast doco about child brides in the USA is wild. In 17 States there is NO LEGAL MINIMUM AGE for marriage if a parent and/or judge agrees.

People are understandably upset about removing the option to not sign in into their cloud if you' happen to install while connected to the internet, but sadly and somewhat predictably, I see a lot of commenters making excuses for why they still cannot switch to , non working WiFI, audio - things not valid for a decade - instead people seem to be looking at .

that increasingly relies on services, lets contractors listen in on Siri conversations etc.

I love #FreeSoftware: It took me and #GPSCorrelate only 9 minutes to precisely batch geotag 784 pictures with 6,4 GB by using 14 different tracks, that I recorded with #Osmand during my last vacation.

Find a how to use it here:

#OpenStreetMap #Photography #IloveFS

AT&T invited pentesters to their site with a public bug bounty, but then redirected probes to the FBI's tips website. Dick move.

« Redirecting an innocent hacker's authorized scanning to aim at unauthorized FBI targets is the equivalent of Swatting.
Not funny.
AT&T should be investigated. »


systemd is a project creating an integrated software suite much like GNU is a project creating an integrated software suite. The pid1 is just one of the things they wrote.

So what you're referring to as GNU/Linux is in fact, GNU/systemd/Linux.

@alatiera weird question: is it possible (from a noobs (ie "me") POV to open an existing GNOME section (Networkmanager, Openvpn settings) in Glade to edit that directly?

(sry for singling you out, you where the first GNOME dev I found :) )

We would like to ask you again to help us out and use our tiny feedback tool: #36c3 – Have your say (And please, refrain from any blockchain jokes.)

Translating Chef's spin 

Translating Chef's spin 

Translating Chef's spin 

@MatejLach one of the new offenders are Electron and other cross-platform apps that create prominent non-hidden directories like Applications or their subdirectories in Documents to keep their service files. Another reminder that "cross-platform" means "out of place on all platforms".

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