I trained a neural net to invent new horror movie titles, based on a list of 78k movies from IMDB
(illustrations are from #BigGAN)

“WebKit Feature Focus 2018-2019 – WebKit”

This kind of transparency is unusual from an Apple-involved project and is very much appreciated. trac.webkit.org/wiki/WebKitFea

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fools, your shitposts are but endofunctors in the category of memes

I accidentally hit a picture in the Google Captcha thing that wasn't of a crosswalk, but it still let me through.

sooooo to anyone who gets hit by a self-driving car while walking in a crosswalk, sorry that's on me.

Two days after repair guy Louis Rossmann helped show how Apple tells their customer to buy a new computer if even as little a pin on a connector is bent, Apple told US customs to impound 1000 USD worth of his spare parts as 'counterfeit'.

Rossmann was not amused.


A lot of science fiction is actually invariance fiction. Showing by construction that some aspect of human nature could plausibly remain immutable even under very different conditions.

don't open that email!!! it hasn't been scanned and cleaned yet!
*snifs email all over*
*does email a few licks* :P
there, you can open now :3

Facebook new comms chief - Nick Clegg Show more

Facebook new comms chief - Nick Clegg Show more

Technological progress is defined by an increasing openness of systems whether it be knowledge, tools or services. Anything that does not increase openness is not technological progress, it is technological confinement.

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UK politics Show more

This is one of nastiest thing I ever saw

It involves an hard disk drive and a Macintosh


I think my least favourite thing is that things can fail in creative ways in PHP. Like if you mistype a function name or a namespace, then it's not really a critical error and might accidentally work. 🤦‍♂️

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